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Roller Coaster Virtual Reality

If you like Rollercoasters, then this is defiantly for you! Jump on a Virtual Reality 3D Rollercoaster ride and don’t forget to look around! Designed for VR cases such as Durovis Dive, OpenDive,… Continue reading


Frente ruedas Co., Ltd. ha sido publicado y esta aplicación montaña rollo usando JapaneseOtakuCity. Usted ha sido desarrollado en un ambiente de la Unidad + buceo. JapaneseOtakuCity (ZENRIN Co., Ltd.) http://www.zenrin.co.jp/product/service/3d/asset/ ※ debido… Continue reading

Rift Coaster Mobile VR

Fan-made demo inspired by Oculus “Rift Coaster” demo. Its vr-experience not a game. Uploaded to Google play for testing purposes only. Works good on high-end smartphones only. Use Smartphone with QHD Display (for… Continue reading


    Bei der App handelt es sich um ist eine Achterbahnfahrt, die eine 3D-Brille erfordert. ACHTUNG! Kein Spiel sondern eine VR Simulation für 3D-Brillen. Diese App macht nur in Verbindung mit einer… Continue reading

Dive City Rollercoaster

by Stefan Welker Go on a 3D ride through dive city – look around and enjoy! Best used on Durovis Dive or OpenDive. changes Version 1.6 – new Menu with Information about Dive… Continue reading