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ViewMaster VR

Imagenes en realidad virtual con el estilo de un View Master __IMPORTANTE: necesitas un Google Cardboard con boton magnetico__  

VR 3D Smart Cardboard

-> You can capture your loving world with awesome 3D affect using cardboard or by simply tapping the screen. -> You can also see your captured image in 3D by using Anaglyph 3D… Continue reading

VR Pano

Upload your photos to launch your own 3D in panorama / immersive sphere! VR Pano enables: – 360 immersive sphere view – Panorama view – Theme galleries – Field of view adjustment fitting… Continue reading

360 moments VR

Con esta app puedes visualizar los panoramas de la red social 360moments en el formato adecuado para las gafas Cardboard de Google. Coloca tu smartphone dentro de las Cardboard y mediante la pulsación… Continue reading


Seene lets you capture and share the world in lifelike 3D by combining image, depth and movement into a shareable 3D photo, video or gif. >>> Seene supports Google Cardboard for viewing your… Continue reading

FishEye Viewer

A fisheye lens is an ultra wide-angle lens that produces strong visual distortion intended to create a wide panoramic image. This application will help you to experience fish eye photography as you never… Continue reading

Visit VR Google Cardboard VR

What is this app? —————— This virtual reality app empowers you to visit real and imagined places immersively as if you are really there, using the Google Cardboard virtual reality kit for supported… Continue reading

VR Panorama Viewer

View panoramas inside of Google’s Cardboard virtual reality! Simply select a panoramic photo from your phones storage or take a new panorama from inside the app and viola, it’s like you’re there. You… Continue reading

Twincam for Cardboard

Google es una aplicación de cámara para el cartón. Tarjeta Google apoya a la Junta o un dispositivo de visualización de realidad virtual similar. Utilizando una cámara de teléfono celular para imprimir la… Continue reading


What is 3DHolic? Shot & Dive ! Anytime and anywhere, now we can enjoy 3D through your own Smartphone without hassle and setup. It’s Simple & Fun ! Imagine you can take out… Continue reading