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Botsnew Player

「BotsNew ボッツニュー」とは、スマホを本体にセットするだけで、まるで実空間のような「臨場感」と「立体感」を持った360度の全方位映像を楽しむことができるVR体験機です。 BotsNew専用プレイヤーで超VR映像の世界に没入しよう! 株式会社メガハウス Copyright 2005-2015 MegaHouse Corporation. All rights reserved. All other products are trademarks or registed of their respective owners.

Flappy Cardboard

A remake of the classic Flappy Bird game in first person 3D virtual reality for Google Cardboard. Press the Cardboard trigger to jump! This game is still under development! This is a beta,… Continue reading


Nota4 Gear, VR , buceo , VRDroneRace Juego. se requiere . ************************************************** ** Por favor escriba sus altos puntajes en los exámenes . Con 5 estrellas … ************************************************** **

Air Race VR

Try out your vestibular system on an insane attraction AirRace VR. Crazy upturns,mad overloads and incredible speed are awaiting for you. Please, look at the lever, to start the game. Requires VR glasses… Continue reading

VR Graveyard Cardboard

VR Graveyard Cardboard is a simple virtual reality game/simulation made for Google cardboard and other VR glasses. In VR Graveyard Cardboard you are walking on the deserted graveyard. Game also contains a walking… Continue reading

Ready Steady Mental

Ready Steady Mental is a new, exciting game for Google Cardboard. All you need to do is scream and shake your head for 10 seconds. The more you go nuts, the higher the… Continue reading

Martian Man Morris

This is a VR game designed for Google Cardboard. Martian Man Morris is a reimagining of the classic board game Three Man Morris that puts you in a futuristic space station where you… Continue reading


In the Netherlands the weather can be a challenge if it comes to outside activities. This has inspired Adriaan Rijkens (VR Developer) to create a virtual reality easter egg game. Now you can… Continue reading

Saint-Étienne 360°

Le territoire stéphanois change, avance et se transforme. Découvrez de façon originale et innovante sa mutation urbaine, économique, culturelle et architecturale. Vous avez toujours rêvé d’être dans le rond central du nouveau stade… Continue reading

Brave the Wave VR

Play Brave the Wave VR! Stranded at sea, you have your hopes and sights set on reaching an island safely. You soon realize though that you’re not alone, as both elements and creatures… Continue reading