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Killer Abducted VR

A brand new sci-fi FPS franchise exclusively for Android! You are a Jack Danger, a contract killer that has been abducted by aliens. To escape the aliens clutches and impending doom you must… Continue reading

Bed Time Story VR

Bed Time Story is a Virtual Reality (VR) First Person Shooter (FPS) game. “Virtual Reality (GAMING) is the future!!” How long can you make it… The mischievous Plushy Alien race has invaded your… Continue reading

Cardboard FPS

A simple yet addictive virtual reality first person shooter for Google Cardboard. How long can you survive? **This game is best played on an office chair! Spinning on an office chair is a… Continue reading

Escape From The King

The sequel to Gauntlet Of The King, Escape From The King uses an improved engine whilst maintaining all the old features like compatibility for Google Cardboard, playable via a Zeemote controller and some… Continue reading


Dive_GunDefense Dive_GunDefense ha sido puesto en libertad. Buceo vr experiencia de realidad virtual utilizando el cartón Google La experiencia de la aplicación de realidad virtual después de que se ejecuta con una Junta… Continue reading