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Celebrating the release of Fireworks show VR on Carl Zeiss VR1 Media Launcher Planets are proceduraly generated , it take approx.10s to compute. Building with Unity5 for a Samsung S5 Back button to… Continue reading

Coollector 4donate

Please contribute to my dream. It’s a donate app. (Developement Build 3.3.15) Design for use with the VR one headset from Carl Zeiss in a Samsung S5. Sounds Tracks from MacroAbstract.    

Insurgent VR

Prepare yourself for a fully-immersive, 3D/360° narrative experience, set in the world of The Divergent Series: Insurgent & presented by Samsung Galaxy… AND watch an EXCLUSIVE 3D clip from the film! In the… Continue reading


MAN A is a site-specific installation featuring vinyl wall-prints referencing military dazzle-camouflage, sculptural objects and motion captured contemporary dance performance activated by a custom augmented-reality mobile application by the British electronic-arts duo Gibson… Continue reading

Alpha 2017 VR

Alpha 2017 Aubagne (13) Le projet Alpha 2017 constitue un pôle urbain d’un genre nouveau, intégrant logements HQE, bureaux, Hôtels, parfaitement desservi et inséré au coeur d’un hub urbain. Immergez vous dans le… Continue reading


Experience iconmobile’s key cases in a virtual reality environment. Made for Google Cardboard, Zeiss VR One and similar virtual reality kits. Deactivate the stereovision camera if you want to use the app without… Continue reading

Unlock The World – AVIS

Unlock The World es una novedosa experiencia de realidad virtual para Google Cardboard donde vivirás en primera persona un viaje a lo largo de 10 lugares emblemáticos del mundo donde podrás encontrar sede… Continue reading

Renault VR

Adéntrate en el mundo Renault a través de un visor de realidad virtual desde tu propio móvil. Tú eres el protagonista y debes conducir tu propia experiencia con tus movimientos. Te sentirás inmerso… Continue reading

Dreamizer MallVR

Dreamizer comercial VR para Cartón demo Sueño comercial VR demostración cartón ese niño. Soluciones de simulación espacio interactivo en 3D Dreamizer. Versión demo de cartón puede ser liberado. “Engranaje VR ‘y 3D experiencia… Continue reading

Pr Wolf’s home (V.R visit)

Enter and visit the room of the evil Professor Wolf. This is the warp room included in the game Little red and Professor Wolf ( to be released this current year 2015). I’ve… Continue reading