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Brian the Ball VR Demo

Brian the Ball is a VR adventure that takes advantage of Head Mounted Unit technology. Grab a Google Cardboard or a Durovis Dive headset and enjoy this game! No controller needed! Just your… Continue reading

Tuscany HD

Ever wanted to go to Tuscany? In HD? Then this is the VR app for you! Great way to show off Google Cardboard to your friends. * Uses HD assets to give an… Continue reading


Bolsillo Kuerizu, Inc. ha sido publicado, es un programa de prueba que utiliza la consulta-chan. Se ha desarrollado en un ambiente de la Unidad + buceo. Consulta-chan Sitio Oficial WEB http://www.query-chan.com/ DiveSDK https://www.durovis.com/sdk.html… Continue reading

VR The Dungeon Of Terror Demo

Escape from the dungeon of terror! Find your way through the dangerous dungeons of terror. But be careful, death is behind every corner! This game is made for VR-Headsets like the Durovis Dive,… Continue reading

VR Giant Chess Set

In this app, you get to feel like you’re standing on a giant chess set. This app works with pretty much any virtual reality set, but it was developed for Dive. Google Cardboard… Continue reading

Apartment Simulator VR

– This app requires Google Cardboard, Durovis Dive, Refugio3D, ColorCross or another similar smartphone VR viewer Features: – No magnet-switch or bluetooth controller needed – Really feels like you’re in an apartment Instructions:… Continue reading

VR Jump n Run

Experience a virtual reality game without a gamepad. This game is made for the Google Cardboard, Durovis Dive and Refugio3D among other VR headsets. It is compatible with all Android VR headsets and… Continue reading

Cardboard VR Test

Cartón puso en la aplicación de ejemplo. Sintamos el realismo!

DebrisDefrag CardBoard 4 Unity

*require Google Card Board* Check : https://cardboard.withgoogle.com/ This is Card board unity3d plugin sample game you can download codes in https://github.com/flashscope/CardBoard_Plugin_For_Unity AR Sample not include this app but codes in github

Stellar Dive Experience VR

Explorez l’univers en réalité virtuelle ! Choisissez votre porte des étoiles et après l’avoir franchie, vous êtes téléporté dans un autre monde à découvrir (Lune, Mars, station orbitale…). Cette application nécessite un casque… Continue reading