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Odin’s Cubes (VR Edition)

This is the VR edition of Odin’s Cubes. Google Cardboard or similar VR (side by side) device is required. There’s no gameplay, no scores, no story, just 3 spinning cubes for you to… Continue reading

Western VR

Find yourself in a thrilling adventure in the Wild West. Whirlwind firefights, pursuits – boost your adrenaline rush. Requires VR glasses (headset) FIBRUM http://www.fibrum.com  

VR ONE Spaceflight

Take a VR flight in side-by-side stereo through a space station of tomorrow. Control your spaceship by head movement. Help to attack the space station with your laser turned on to auto-fire. Made… Continue reading

Lost In The Kismet – VR Escape

Lost in the Kismet is the very first 3D virtual reality(VR) room escape mobile game. with VR headset(goggles) such as Google Cardboard or Durovis Dive, players can enjoy the puzzle solving experience with… Continue reading

Village Virtual Reality

This game is a demo scene for demonstration of Google Cardboard VR, in this game you will see amazingly beautiful village. You may experience the wonderful world in virtual reality. The world fascinates… Continue reading

Occulus Lol Demo

Control 3d camera by rotating in place while holding the phone in front of your face. You can also tilt phone to look down or up. Heavy tilt causes motion (walking). This is… Continue reading


Esta es una aplicación de demostración que puede ser estereoscópica experiencia KAITO en terminal y cartón Android. (Nota) Para disfrutar de esta aplicación requiere de cartón que no sea el terminal Android. https://developers.google.com/cardboard/… Continue reading

Endless Run&Jumper VR

Discover an endless game, jump, crouch, unlock achievments, make the best highscore and run further to reach the next stage. This game will make you addicted! Finally an endless VR Runner with a… Continue reading

MOOG VR Training Demo

This demo illustrates the application of Virtual Reality for training purposes. The example shows how to exchange one of the electric actuators of a Flight simulator. The demo is developed for a ‘Smartphone… Continue reading

TraceVR Demo

*Requires gamepad to move* A virtual reality exploration of the tracing boards of the Blue Lodge degrees – Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft and Master Mason. Demo contains only the basic Entered Apprentice tracing board.… Continue reading