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Virtual Reality Test

A small virtual reality application made using unity and other tools and libs. Left on screen joystick for movement. You can also connect your external joystick to move. This is just a test… Continue reading

NighttimeTerror Cardboard

This is a Virtual Reality game. Nighttime Terror works only with the Google Coardboard headset or similar devices. ——————– KILL THEM BEFORE THEY KILL YOU! Nighttime Terror is a VR top down shooter… Continue reading


この作品はピアプロ・キャラクター・ライセンスに基づいてクリプトン・フューチャー・メディア株式会社のキャラクター「初音ミク」を描いたものです。(二次創作です。) Unity+dive+MMD4Mecanimの環境で開発されております。 ピアプロ キャラクター利用のガイドライン http://piapro.jp/license/character_guideline DiveSDK https://www.durovis.com/sdk.html MMD4Mecanim http://stereoarts.jp/ また、以下のデータを使用させていただいています。 今回は許可等ありがとうございました。 サウンド:千本桜 黒うさP様(WhiteFlame) http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm15630734 (ニコニコ動画) モデル:蒼黒式千本桜ver 蒼黒様 https://bowlroll.net/file/16952 (BowlRoll) ※袖を短めに改造させていただきました。 モーション:千本桜 あひるP様 http://www.nicovideo.jp/mylist/8715629 (ニコニコ動画の公開マイリスト) ※扇のタイミングはプログラム制御しています、ずれてたらすいません。 ステージ:和紙照明の部屋 yuduki様 http://nebusokummd.blog.shinobi.jp/ (万年寝不足-別館) ※テクスチャ明るめに変更しています。 背景:sky5X One https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/jp/#!/content/6332 (UnityAssetStore) ※扇、花びらだけは自作です(ここだけ低クオリティ面目ない) 360見回すには、起動時に以下のどれかのデバイスが必要になります。 Cardboard Durovis Dive REFUGIO3D… Continue reading

Moto Rider VR Demo

Race against your opponent to the finish while collecting points for upgrades for level advancement. This is a 1 level demo of what is upcoming in the full version that will be available… Continue reading

Cardboard VR Thing

VR Experiment for Google Cardboard or other VR Phone side by side type headset – Free Alpha test thing – You’ll need a controller to move about and jump otherwise you can just… Continue reading

Beenoculus Unreal Demo

Beenoculus demo powered by Unreal Engine 4. The Unreal Engine SDK will soon be available.  

Ten To The Power VR

Folded Worlds presents its first immersive virtual reality app, Ten To The Power VR. Based on the new novel Ten To The Power by MP Adams, this app provides users with an immersive… Continue reading

Cardboard Orienteering

The Cardboard Orienteering demo app shows how augmented reality can be used in the orienteering sport by overlaying virtual control points in the real-time camera image. You can use either a two-eyes view… Continue reading

Rollercoaster Simulator

Rollercoaster Simulator is a rollercoaster app that lets you ride three different roller coasters. You can also switch between VR and normal view. More Rollercoasters and integrated cardboard controls to come. I got… Continue reading

SPiCa/Yuzuki Yukari

This application is VR demonstration of stereoscopic vision by Cardboard. You can watch Yuduki Yukari (http://www.ah-soft.com/vocaloid/yukari/) with stereoscopic vision. (Nortice)Cardboard is required for using this application. https://developers.google.com/cardboard/ (Nortice)High performance prossesing is required for… Continue reading