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VR Sci-fi Search Operation

Bienvenido al laboratorio científico. ¿Alguna manía de la visita al laboratorio científico? Para cumplir su sueño de descargar este juego de aventura gratis. Esta simulación es de un gran valor educativo para todas… Continue reading

Alien Invasion VR

“This game was created for the Archiact VR Game Jam.” “Made by team AES.” We salute to the classic 2D Space Invader. With that in heart, let’s take the gaming to the next… Continue reading

Pong Arcade Edition VR

Enjoy classic pong in a 3D Virtual arcade! There are no score limits, you decide when to stop playing!

Try and catch me

First release of a game for Google cardboard. You wonder around a maze first hitting a ball then trying to catch it while avoiding the bombs. You can turn around (if your phone… Continue reading

Shakedown VR

Vidéotron Mobile vous invite à vous transformer en pro de slopestyle pour expérimenter l’impressionnant parcours du Shakedown 2015, le plus important événement de snowboard au Canada. Vivez une simulation interactive en temps réel… Continue reading

Flappy Cardboard

A remake of the classic Flappy Bird game in first person 3D virtual reality for Google Cardboard. Press the Cardboard trigger to jump! This game is still under development! This is a beta,… Continue reading

VR Space Adventure

Intenta completar la mision y ponte el cinturón para recuperar una célula nuclear. Mueve tu cabeza hacia arriba y abajo para mover la cabina. Inclina la cabeza para rotar. Usa el botón magnético… Continue reading

Killer Abducted VR

A brand new sci-fi FPS franchise exclusively for Android! You are a Jack Danger, a contract killer that has been abducted by aliens. To escape the aliens clutches and impending doom you must… Continue reading

Martian Man Morris

This is a VR game designed for Google Cardboard. Martian Man Morris is a reimagining of the classic board game Three Man Morris that puts you in a futuristic space station where you… Continue reading


In the Netherlands the weather can be a challenge if it comes to outside activities. This has inspired Adriaan Rijkens (VR Developer) to create a virtual reality easter egg game. Now you can… Continue reading