Terminator VR


This is a Terminator Fan Art World created for the Android Platform. Explore a future apocalyptic world overrun by machines.

Look up at the red sphere for two seconds to initiate an auto walk. Look at it again to stop.

Google cardboard or any DIY VR phone kit are compatible with this App, gyroscope required.

Please note that this is Fan Art. I in know way take credit nor am I associated with any of the “Terminator Franchise”. However many of the Elements within this VR simulation are my own property and creation. This is a free VR Demo of my vision of the terminator world.

This work was not commissioned or endorsed by the creators from which this fan art derives. American copyright law allows for the production, display and distribution of derivative works if they fall under a fair use exemption, 17 U.S.C. § 107.

Oculus Rift Version:

Durovis Dive: http://www.durovis.com
Google Cardboard: http://g.co/cardboard

Tested with Samsung Galaxy S4 & S5
gyroscope required.

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