Galaxy Destroyer VR


“The universe is the dark forest.” (Though this one looks a little bright. 😉

Aliens from Galaxy Duo have been attacking the Earth. Yet the game-changing space flagship was just built on the Mars base. Warping to the center of one of the Aliens’ military solar systems, you, the captain of this flagship, have to destroy the enemy planets and aircrafts before they kill you!

This Virtual Reality game should be played with a Google Cardboard (any compatible model with a functional magnetic trigger). To “pull the trigger” means to quickly pull the magnetic button down and release. If there is no trigger on your Cardboard, you can still try to tap the screen instead.

To start the game, turn your head towards the “start” button (it’ll change color). Wait for a few seconds, or pull the trigger.

In the game, there are several planets to destroy. Pull the trigger to shoot a rocket at the direction where you are currently looking. Alien aircrafts will appear every now and then. Destroy them first! As long as there is an enemy aircraft hanging around (warning signs will show on the screen), you’ll constantly get hit and lose life. (More enemy aircrafts will not cause more damage, however.)

In the left-bottom corner of the screen are the energy bar and the life indicator (those circle dots). Firing rockets will consume energy and you will not be able to fire when energy level is too low. The energy will recover automatically. You only have a fixed number of life, which is unfortunately unrecoverable. Try to act quickly!

Take a minute off from your work and do some neck exercise by playing this game. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

— This game was created for the Archiact VR Game Jam. Made by team Aprobert with ♥. —

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