Infiltrating Bear VR


Story: The world’s most powerful group, the black snake clan has kidnapped your entire family. Your bloodline is in danger and you are the only one who can infiltrate their headquarters. Their headquarters is under heavy security, so you have decided to get caught on purpose. Your friend from your hometown is an experienced hacker and has successfully hacked into all the black snake clan’s surveillance cameras. Your mission is to steal top-secret information from their computers and plant several bombs. Be careful as enemies are nearby. This thrilling multiplayer game is meant to keep your heart pumping!

How to play:
**Note: make sure both players are connected to the internet

1) have the cardboard player start the game

2) have the hacker start the game

3) hacker gives verbal instructions to the player as he/she can see where all the enemies are and the locations to complete the tasks

4) in order to finish the mission, player must complete the following tasks:
→find document to hack into system
→find a computer to breach the security
→find explosives
→plant bombs at the “X” mark
→Escape the factory

5) if an enemy sees the player, he/she will be shot and health points will be deducted. The player starts out with 300 health points and 50 health points are deducted by every shot.

This game was created for the Archiact VR Game Jam
Made by team Bear


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