Tell Your World/IA


This application is VR demonstration of stereoscopic vision by Cardboard.
You can watch IA ( with stereoscopic vision.

(Nortice)Cardboard is required for using this application.

(Nortice)High performance prossesing is required for executing this application. More than Nexus 5.

(Nortice) Please download this application by Wifi network(not cellular network). Because this application size is around 50MB.

This application is developed on Unity + Cardboard SDK + MMD4Mecanim.
This application include components of below.

Thank a lot to creaters and MMD community.

Development Tool

[Cardboard SDK for Unity]
Asset of stereoscopic vision.

Asset of transforming MMD model to Utity model.
Stereoarts Homepage

GMF159 様
【IA】 Tell Your World 【VOCALOIDカバー】
wakamuraP様 x fantasista utamaro様 x TAKCOM様
livetune feat. 初音ミク 『Tell Your World』Music Video



【データ配布】スカイドーム素材集 vol.01

This application is allowed to use “IA” under “ライブラリ・キャラクターの利用のルール” of INTERNET Co., Ltd.
“IA” is licensed by1st PLACE.
For detail, see:


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