YouCoaster allows you to experience the sensation of haptic video rides anywhere and at any time. Until today these kinds of videos were only available at theme parks and special cinemas. YouCoaster replaces expensive motion platforms with human actuators and creates an immersive viewing experience using a Cardboard VR headset and your phone. The actuators have to hold you up and will receive motion instructions along with the video. As you watch the video in VR mode you will be moved around, lifted and tilted according to the motions in the video.

This app completes the YouCoaster web experience, which is available at There, you find a number of existing haptic experiences. If you feel creative, go ahead and create your own.

All you need is a Cardboard VR Headset, your Android phone, another web-enabled viewing device of any platform (notebook, tablet or phone) and a couple of friends. The other device will show the motion instructions along with the video to the actuators.

Then do the following:
1) On the actuators’ viewing device, chose an experience from our website.
2) Pair actuator device with your android phone by using this app to scan the QR Code on the website
3) Gear up with cardboard and let your friends carry you.

Start the video and coast away…

For more information on the project and for a list of available experiences visit our website. Up until now, we only support regular 2D Videos. We are planning to add support for 3D and spherical video content.


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