Head Tracking Camera Demo

This is a demo app for Unity asset “Head Tracking Camera”.
It makes possible to experiment VR content using head tracking of smartphone.

Main features :
* Controlling the camera automatically using each sensor of iOS and Android.
* Switchable On/Off stereogram view.
* Very simple structure, anyone can use right away.”
* Unity4.5 or later
* iOS6 or later
* Android4.2 or later
* Additionally, Cardboard SDK is required for Android app build.

How to use :
1.Install this app.
2. Startup the app with LandScapemode.
3. The view follows to your head’s moving.
4. You can switch On/Off stereogram view, with the tapping “Switch” button.
5. You can reset the default camera position, with the tapping “Reset” button.


Get it on Google Play