V1RTUAL REALM is a large open ended virtual reality space for you to explore using Google Cardboard or other VR head mounted display for your smartphone. Currently, there are no objectives outside of simply exploring this vast space. There’s a day and night cycle with stars and real time shadows. V1RTUAL REALM features an original score by Abbie Jenkins (Twitter: @Abbie__Jenkins). The music changes based on your location in the world, so please explore!

– 3D and head tracking provided by the Durovis Dive SDK
– Developed in Unity 3D
– Tested with Dualshock 3 for “Controller Mode”.
– In order to minimize device heat output, you can turn off your “mobile data” while using this application.
– In order to completely close the app, press your “home” button, and from the home screen, use your “menu/options” button to swipe the app closed. You can also force close it in your settings. (Will likely fix in the next update)

Tested on the following devices:

– Motorola Droid Razr HD
– Sony Xperia Z3v (thanks, Chris Stewart)
– Samsung Galaxy Note 4
– Samsung Galaxy S3 (thanks, Jordan Núñez)



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