Rift Coaster Mobile VR

Fan-made demo inspired by Oculus “Rift Coaster” demo.
Its vr-experience not a game.
Uploaded to Google play for testing purposes only.
Works good on high-end smartphones only.

Use Smartphone with QHD Display (for example LG G3) for the best viewer experience.

Demo for Google Cardboard and other hmds like:
– Durovis Dive
– ColorCross
– Yay3d VR Viewer
– vrAse
– ZVR smartphone viewer
– other…

Demo doesn’t contain any of the original “Rift Coaster” assets. Fan-art. All rights belong to owners.
3D models asset used: Medieval Environment by Anchor game studio @ assetstore.unity.com
In the case of legal issues please contact us.
Keep in mind its just test project. Thank you for your feedback.


Get it on Google Play