Endless Run&Jumper VR

Discover an endless game, jump, crouch, unlock achievments, make the best highscore and run further to reach the next stage.

This game will make you addicted! Finally an endless VR Runner with a fully supported VR-MENUE!
Proof your reactions in different game modes or just try to do all ACHIEVEMENTS.

You do not need any kind of gamepads. You can choose between the VR Mode (full supported playing via your moves) or if you got sore muscles you have the option to switch to the NON-VR mode which is playable without any gamepads.

Moreover you have an intern HIGHSCORELIST to compare your skills with others!
For pro’s: No more adjusting the settings on your VR-glass! You are able to adjust your IDP settings ingame!

Possible VR-headsets:
– Google Cardboard
– Durovis Dive
– Refugio 3D
– Samsung Gear VR
– Homido
– DODOCase
– Carl Zeiss VR One

More features:

– jump
– crouch
– randomly generated levels
– five different difficulties
– four gamemodes
– choose between dungeon or sky background
Special thanks to:
http://nobiax.deviantart.com/ for providing materials
http://www.vrase.com/developers/ for providing the used vr-prefab


Get it on Google Play

Get it on Google Play