DI 360

Your 360° video content now available on mobile !

DI 360 is a video player that allows you to watch 360° HD content with our spherical projection technology.
Use your touch screen or devices’s gyro to dive into content.
Download your own 360 content directly from the app in MP4 or M4V format (H264).

You can even use an Head Mounted Display (HMD) and activate the “split mode” for a more immersive experience !

– Interactive 360° render with touch and gyro
– Controls : Play, Pause, Automatic center, Zoom in / out
– Live video seek
– Full HD 1920×1080 support
– HMD compliant split mode
– Video gallery for medias management

360 video playback is a CPU intensive task and require latest devices to work flawlessly.
Split screen mode may cause black screen on some devices, it is a known issue and we are actually working on a fix. App only supports ARMV7 devices.
Magnet on some cases or flaps (like on Galaxy S4) can disrupt internal gyroscope, do not stick such cover back on the phone while the app is running.

Digital Immersion is a french company specialized in 360° video production and integration.
Our team can create 360° live events, branded applications, guided tours, immersive reality and many more…

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