VR MoonWalk

A little game concept for a virtual reality game.

Find the 3 lost tools and bring them back to the lunar lander.

Official support for the idroid:con bluetooth-gamepad!

Controls: Walking with left Analog-Stick and Y for Jump (idroid:con)

Tested on: Google Nexus 4

Supports all Android compatible HMDs with Gyroscope like:

Durovis Dive: http://www.durovis.com
Refugio3D: http://www.refugio3d.net
Coogle Cardboard: http://g.co/cardboard
Samsung Gear VR: http://techcrunch.com/2014/09/03/samsung-gear-vr-oculus-ceo-brendan-iribe/
VReye GO: http://vrelia.com/vreyego/

Soundeffects from freesfx.com.
3D Models from the Unity Asset-Store.

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