Halls of Fear VR – Demo

Currently the game does not start on some Galaxy S3 Smartphones. I am already working on a fix!

This is my first demo for the Durovis Dive, Refugio 3D or other VR Headsets for smartphones. It is an early version right now, so a lot of thing will be changed and added.

Durovis Dive: http://www.durovis.com
Refugio 3D: http://www.refugio3d.net/refugio-3d/
Google Cardboard: https://cardboard.withgoogle.com/

It is a virtual reality horror game where you have to find all cubes to get to the next level. The goal is to stay alive and get to the exit.

You can use a Snakebyte iDroid controller (gamepad/keyboard mode) or an other bluetooth gamepad. (Only tested with the Snakebyte)
Some people report problems with their iDroid, not getting past the menu. I am trying to fix this, but can’t promise anything.
Or you can play with autorun (Look at the green circle for 1 second).

A full version of the game sadly isn’t going to be released in the near future, due to my lack of time. But I will release updates when I have the time.

Sounds are from freesfx.co.uk .
3D models are either selfmade, of the Unity Asset Store or from opengameart.org .


Get it on Google Play