Cardboard Catapult VR


This game is only working with virtual reality glasses like Google Cardboard or Durovis Dive. Built your own:

Look carefully around the island – there are some angry monster birds attacking you! You have to shoot the birds with the catapult before they reach you. Drag the magnet on the side of the cardboard down to load your shot. You shoot by you let go of the magnet again. (Alternatively you can tap the touchscreen to control the game). This is the first game for Google Cardboard on Google Play!

It´s best to play with headphones, so you will be able to detect from which direction the birds are coming.

This is still a development build. There are still a lot of bugs – please restart the game in such a case. If you are interested in updates with more game modes, global highscores and more please rate the game on google play.

This game had been tested on a Nexus 4.
Please report your bugs:

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